Dansk XL star Ole Christiansen was very clever in making this poster of [most of] the individuals who have been awarded the Gentleman’s Cup over the past 24 years plus additionally some of the playing ‘stars’.

The Cup is awarded to someone of the previous tournament’s organising club who meets the criteria for the award – to be a regular participant over a number of years; to have shown a real/true interest in the annual event; to have been involved in the organisation during the event; to have shown the real ‘spirit of the game’; to have made the effort to establish good relationships with players from the other countries; and to be a true gentleman in every respect.

XL recipients of the award include Bob Munn, David Hamilton, Ron Hart, Mike Wicks, David and Janet Spyer, Mike Smith and Peter Owens. This year it was awarded to Jan Willem Heshusius of SGS Holland for his sterling work for the 2017 tournament.

How many of these faces can you recognise?


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