South Africa Tour – Match Seven

vs Bellville CC

We have gone and done it again – we have WON ANOTHER match!. BCC batted first in a 35 over match [we wanted 35, they wanted 30, we settled on 32; then along came Neil Watson who laid down the law] and they posted 146 for 8. Deepak Sinha bowled 6 overs and took 3 for 27: Nigel B-J bowled 5 and took 2 for 20; and Andy Gregory, Phil Deakin and Rob Nelson got one apiece.

After the turn, Rob Green scored 11 [23/1], Rehan Malik scored 12 [41/2] Jon Thornton scored 30 and retired; skipper John A Lewis scored 29; Kyle Bradley scored 30 and retired, leaving Phil Deakin and Andy Gregory to get us across the line with 7 wickets in hand. Won 2, drawn 1 and lost 4 – so if we can win tomorrow then honours on the tour will be even and it’ll be time to start working out the stats.