The Trophy Assessment team met this afternoon at St Johns’s School Leatherhead to select the overall winner of the Forty Club Trophy.
The district winners, all of whom should now be formally notified and congratulated by their DC, were as follows:
WM – Bishop Vesey’s School.
SC – Glasgow Academy.
NW – Ormskirk School.
EM – Wellingborough School.
EC – Langley School.
NT – Latymer Upper School.
WE – Colston’s School.
WA – Christ College Brecon.
SO – Leighton Park School.
SX – Reeds School.
CP – St Dunstan’s College
There was no nomination from NE.
ORMSKIRK SCHOOL was selected as the winner, with Leighton Park School coming a very close second.
We warmly congratulate Ormskirk School on this achievement. We look forward to hosting them and the other district winners at the Forty Club Annual Dinner at the Kia Oval on the 17th November, when the awards will be presented.