These statistics do not include information which is not backed up by a completed scoresheet. There are approximately 100 instances since 1937 where MMs have failed to return a scoresheet and most of these are during the past 25 years. A few players in the Districts most guilty in this respect may therefore find their playing performances not fully reflected in the statistics. Further, these statistics do not include performances in Inter District matches [until recently score sheets for these matches were not submitted on a regular basis].


The Forty Club Statistics:


  1. Club Statistics
  2. Most Matches Played
  3. Most Career Runs
  4. Most Centuries
  5. Highest Individual Scores
  6. Most Wickets
  7. Most 5 Wickets Innings
  8. 25 Wickets in a Season
  9. Best Analyses
  10. All-round Career Records
  11. All Round Performances
  12. Wicket-keeping Records
  13. All Round Wicket-keeping Performances