All Round Performances

100 runs and 5 Wickets


R. Talbot1356 for 35Felsted School1948
J. Fellows-Smith100*5 for 55Croydon Schools1985
D. Molloy100*6 for 19William Hulme G.S.1999

50 runs and 5 Wickets


C. Taylor505 for 47Harrow School1941
E. Watts515 for 11Westminster School1949
K. Howieson60*5 for 26Old Bedfordians1950
J. Owen726 for 89Bedford School1954
R. Bullock52*6 for 49Bedford School1958
A. Reynolds535 for 47Haberdashers’ Aske’s1963
D. Halfyard59*5 for 53Odense CC, Denmark1964
C. Clarke646 for 35 †Victoria College, Jersey1967
G. Loxton715 for 31Dauntsey’s School1967
M. Ainsworth72*5 for 48Kenya Kongonis1970
W. Reader99*5 for27Dansk XL1973
J. Robertson625 for 44The Oratory School1974
A. Kettleborough805 for 21Denstone College1974
J. Spooner547 for 43Ratcliffe College1975
P. Keating66*6 for 54King’s School, Worcester1977
R. Gracey576 for 37S.G.S., Holland1982
J. Fellows-Smith515 for 57Croydon Schools1983
D. Cotton68*5 for 34Sussex Junior Festival XI1984
C. Feakes60*5 for 21Odney CC1984
R. Blair **67*5 for 1Ruthin School1985
C. Openshaw88*6 for 60St. Edmund’s, Canterbury1989
B. Hand536 for 41Market Harborough CC1990
C. Openshaw60*5 for 42Oxted CC1991
J. Appleyard58*6 for 45St. Edmund’s, Ware1992
G. Potter506 for 16St. Edmund’s, Canterbury1994
G. Seymour58*5 for 17Bronwydd Colts1995
P. Wood715 for 35Bearwood College1995
R. Yardley585 for 60William Hulme G.S.1995
P. Sydall596 for 47Wallasey CC1997
N. Botton63*6 for 76Glastonbury CC1998
M. Davies53*5 for 55Netherfield CC2000
R. Sellars536 for 42Bassetlaw Under 18s2002
R. Inchley52*5 for 50Derby Friars2003
J. Youngs695 for 43The Cricket Society2005
P. Hartland505 for 11Ardingly College2008
D. Steele535 for 72St. Dunstan’s College2011
D. Welbourne565 for 24Bury Grammar School2012
R. Thornton845 for 22Edinburgh Academy2012
B. Mordt55*5 for 24Skinners' School2014
R. Mylton745 for 26Bishop's Vesey GS2018
As at 30 November 2018

† including a hat trick
** Played 19 Tests for New Zealand