Weekend triangular match at Optimists CC, Luxembourg

Luxembourg Over 40s Invitational Cricket Tournament 2017: 19th and 20th August 2017

Venue: Optimists CC, Rue de Lā€™Alzette, Walferdange, Luxembourg L-7210

Invited Teams:- Optimists CC (hosts) SGS CC (NL) The Forty Club (UK)

Match Format: Triangular Tournament: 25 over innings in red ball matches: no spikes/rubbers only: umpires provided: one scorer per team required: all players to be over 40 yrs of age:
3 pts for win; 2 pts each for a tie; 1 pt for loser: trophy for winners.

Sat 19th: 10.00am Optimists vs SGS: 2.00pm The Forty Club vs Optimists: 6.00pm BBQ: 10:00 bus to hotel
Sun 20
th: 10.30am SGS vs The Forty Club: 2.00pm Lunch and Presentation Ceremony

The Optimists club prides itself on social cricket and the barbecue. Visiting teams are encouraged to bring supporters and to stay at the ground and enjoy the company.

If you want to be part of the XL team, or to travel to support and watch, contact Paul Bradley